Using short-term profit to achieve long-term financial goals

There’s a difference between traditional share investing and active share trading like we offer at First Index. When you invest in shares in the traditional way, you usually do it passively: making a limited number of trades and hoping your investment grows over the long term through dividend payments and stock price rises.

When you trade actively you’re still usually investing with a long-term vision. But your path to achieving that vision involves a series of short-term, smaller trades. You have the opportunity to make money whether a stock goes up or down. And, each time one of your trades earns a profit, you have the chance to reinvest it so that your investment keeps growing.

In this sense, active trading gives you the potential to make money from the very first step you take on your journey, as well as the potential to realise your overall financial goals.

making money in any market

Forget fears of property price bubbles, bear markets or putting your savings into the same bluechip stocks in the hope their value won’t decline in the long-term. As an active trader you empower yourself to potentially make money in any market, even when prices fall.

That’s because you’re not restricted to making money by buying shares and then selling them when the price goes up. Using contracts for difference (CFDs), you can take a ‘short’ position in a stock that lets you profit when its price declines. And, unlike investors who crave stability and slow gains, as an active investor you can take advantage of volatile markets, where the price of a share fluctuates wildly, it is more risk involved however it can create a better result.

You can also use techniques like stop losses to potentially minimise the amount you stand to lose if a trade doesn’t go your way.

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One of the main things stopping Australians from trading actively is a fear about how exactly to do it. And that fear usually comes from lack of knowledge. That’s why we want to support you every step of your trading journey, equipping you with the education, ideas and insights you’ll need to become a successful trader.

We’ll do that by tutoring you in the share trading strategies and techniques practised by the world’s very best traders – the people who’ve done it all before and are doing it still today. We’ll also give you access to a real trading room and let you tap into an international community of traders who are going through the same processes you are.

A trading platform that provides a world of opportunities

Unlike other platforms, First Index Pro Trader has been engineered to tap into the global opportunities that trading shares presents.

We give you direct access to more than 3,000 stocks and indexes around the world. That means you can make the same calls and execute the same trades as the world’s leading traders. You’re not limited to the 2% of the world’s companies listed on the ASX.

And, because capitalising on price movements while reducing risk usually means trading frequently, we won’t penalise you for making small trades. Unlike many other brokers, our fee structure is setup to allow you to be active, not to punish you for it.

Getting started is easy

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