first index
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First Index Pro Trader
From Wall Street to your street

The proprietary First Index Pro Trader is an advanced Australian-first trading platform designed to provide Australian traders with reliable and high-speed access to Wall Street stocks.

Its capacity to perform near-instantaneous order executions make it one of the fastest order routings currently available, while its real-time quotes provided in dynamic displays are a testament to its simplicity and ease of use for traders.

The First Index Pro Trader

is powered by state-of-the-art technology designed to overcome some of the common challenges of online trading, such as delayed and varied execution speeds, and online security concerns.

Its user-friendly interface allows traders to execute multiple trades in rapid succession, based on the best possible information and tools provided in real-time. Its integrated management tool ensures users stay on track of their account details and the progress of their trades.

Several of the more notable First Index Pro Trader features include the following

Real-time market data
streamed in an easy-to-read

A daily listing of the 20 highest performing stocks

Level-II quotes providing detailed insights into the price action for both equities and options

ECNs, such as Island and Archipelago, providing route order functionality to the market

The ability to place limit, stop, and stop-limit orders

Charting tools that trace up to 7 years of stock price history

Multi-lingual functionality, with up to 11 different languages for traders to select from

Multi-account management capabilities for account managers and traders working across many accounts simultaneously

From near-instantaneous order executions, to a plethora of advanced user-friendly features, the First Index Pro Trader is a must-have tool for Australian traders serious about bringing Wall Street to your street.